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2014 Horoscope Tiger

Love Prediction :

Feeling guilty after a recent secretive whirlwind romance behind partner's back is not going to make things disappear. Regretting about it at this stage seems a bit late now and worrying that the partner could find out at some stage is not going to help either. Carrying such a guilty secret for the rest of one's life is such a huge burden and there is no way one could tell such experience to others, not even close friends. Hopefully one will be able to avoid making the same mistake twice if one is seriously thinking of sticking with the present partner for good.

Finance Prediction :

Financial rewards come in various formats and one could be spoilt for choice when certain commissions or bonuses have been awarded. One might not be able to contain such joyous moments, which is only natural. Obviously one will not forget those that have also helped to contribute to such success and will celebrate with them as well. Think of the next approach, for better and brighter prospect lie ahead in the immediate future.

Health Prediction :

Consuming too much deep fried, greasy food and being deprived of proper sleep patterns could cause a breakdown in the immune system, making it easy to be taken ill from minor changes in weather conditions. Hopefully one will not let the situation deteriorate further and get back on the right track, eating sensibly and avoiding excessive consumption of caffeine drinks. Personal mood can change, sometimes uncontrollably. Close colleagues would notice the changes. Perhaps the physical body needs detoxification.

Luck Prediction :

Do not feel disheartened when all the talk about potential changes at work or lifestyl e for quite sometimes, but nothing seems to happen. Feeling unhappy about it, is not going to improve the situation though. Sometimes certain things do require a much longer duration to become fruitful, especially long-term commitments. When the time finally arrives, one should be filled with joy. Continue to think positive for there is always tomorrow to fulfill one's ambition.

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