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2014 Horoscope Snake

Love Prediction :

For married couples or those about to get married, their relationship has been getting on "fine" with the exception of occasional minor disagreements over certain opinions of preference or morals. Concern and love for other family members take priority over husband, wife or partner during this period. One needs all the encouragement and understanding from immediate loved ones to overcome such a depressing moment. For young lovers, beware of gossip that could affect one's emotions and make one want to retaliate. Before taking such action, perhaps one should find out the reason behind such an act and consider whether it is worth the effort. Otherwise, one should just ignore the whole event and get on with one's love life.

Finance Prediction :

Financial rewards or gains arrive in several forms, as long as one does not have high expectations; be content with present achievements at this stage. Consider long-term stability and continue to develop and progress with the present team or resources. Sometimes the resourceful Monkey type can get carried away with initial success followed by arrogance, which could easily cloud judgment and talent. It is advisable to remain humble, and the sky could be the limit.

Health Prediction :

Curiosity can sometimes kill the cat. One should be wary when dealing with new medical health products in the market without knowing the full history of such products, even though one might come across them through recommendations from reliable sources. Before one becomes too hooked with miraculous effects it could produce. One is advised to approach with caution and not lose sight of hidden dangers. The Dragon type normally does not become complacent overnight.

Luck Prediction :

Do not feel let down if one thinks that things are beyond your control. In fact it is a blessing in disguise for others will eventually realize how invaluable you have been. The potential transformation is going to be on a far-reaching scale. Just beware of the difference between things going as intended and sometimes not materializing. Have open ears and eyes and learn as you progress during this period. One can easily avoid disappointment by not having high expectations from the onset.

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