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2014 Horoscope Sheep

Romance/Love Prediction : For married couples, additional care and attention should be diverted to the teenage members of the family. Before long, one might discover that their children would like to lead their own life and leave the family. Hence it is important to spend as much time with them as possible. For new lovers, they are enjoying themselves and going through a phase as if there are no others living on this planet except the two of them. No doubt, at times, one feels uncomfortable for not being able to voice personal grievances and perhaps suffer in silence.

Money/Finance Prediction : Financial status seems to be quite stable for the time being, despite one's hunger for a better income, either through additional effort or an increase in business volume. One has to live with the changing market supply and demand behavior. To avoid serious loss of income, one can start by being cautious with spending and not be tempted by a risky investment scheme with promises of high yield in return. Avoid taking drastic actions to recover losses within a short period of time with high financial risk attached. Such a gamble might not pay off at the end.

Fitness/Health Prediction : Depression, fear or inability to control anger could easily threaten one's health over a prolonged period. Such negative emotional feelings and thoughts can easily cause one's health to deteriorate. Only close friends or relatives can notice one's poor health. In such a situation, it is recommended that one should seek discussions or consultation with a relevant professional on problems that have been confined inside oneself. Otherwise the gradual accumulation of stress within the system could eventually lead to a stroke or sudden heart attack. Just beware that there is a tolerance limitation for each and every individual.

Luck Prediction : Do not let others read or understand you like an open book, for some of them are sure to take advantage of your strength or weakness. Humans sometimes need to exercise certain selfishness partly due to the materialistic society and survival of the fitness environment. Hence one should be wary of certain groups that might seem to be acting friendly on the surface but with ulterior motives beneath. In order to stay ahead of the game, one is advised to stay distant whenever possible or appropriate. Do not reveal facts easily during social gatherings.

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