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2014 Horoscope Scorpio

If you are born anywhere between October 24th to November 22nd, then you are a Scorpio, the most intense of the zodiac signs. Dominated by the ruling planet Pluto, the element that reigns over this sun sign is water. Because of the sign of still water, men and women belonging to Scorpio on a whole are very intense and deep. Because of their overwhelming aura, almost all Scorpio tend to be at the cynosure of any social gathering. Scorpios are often thought to be human X-ray machines, which can see to the depth of the other person they are encountering.

With one of the best reasoning power, you will barely see a Scorpio being irrational and illogical. Although they are very amiable and courteous, any typical Scorpio will be dignified and reserved in their overall demeanor. It is often said that if you are countering a Scorpio, beware of his penetrating eyes. The most passionate of all the Zodiac signs, Scorpio females and males are thought to have magnanimous looks that you cannot just evade.

As for their emotional nature, any Scorpio is prone to be sentimental and sensitive, with a strong sense of self prestige. If you ever hurt the inner feelings, or the ego of a Scorpio, get ready to be avenged at some point of time. Thought to be very vindictive, the Scorpio man or woman does not forget tot forgive his enemy even after years. Resembling the sting of the Scorpion which is symbolic of the Zodiac, beware of your Scorpio contender, because he can strike you stealthily. However if not bugged, they are the best people to hang around with. If you have a Scorpio friends there is no way you can question his or her loyalty. Since they harness boundless energy, they are one of the most efficient people you can come across. With bundle of energy and bent for aestheticism, the Scorpio homemaker is almost like an invisible pixie, maintaining a spic and span house.

The Scorpio people have a keen sense of intuition working inside them, which coupled with their unlimited curiosity makes them the strongest of investigators. They are known to have power over their own destiny and would rather destroy themselves than be destroyed. They are the most fearless ones and for them the world is black and white with little shades of grey. The scorpions are the most ingenious when it comes giving a project the desired shape.

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