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2014 Horoscope Sagittarius

Since ages, human beings were fascinated with the stars and other heavenly bodies. Stars with some definite configurations known as constellations can be easily spotted on the sky. According to a popular belief there are 12 different constellations each of which represents a zodiac sign. Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the zodiac. The constellation Sagittarius resembles a centaur (Greek mythological creature having half the body of a human and half of a horse) with a bow. The zodiac symbol of Sagittarius is also referred as The Archer. The sun remains in the zodiac of Sagittarius from 22nd November to 21st December (as per the tropical zodiac). Thus, individuals born during this period are believed to have Sagittarius as their sun sign and they are commonly referred as Sagis.

Although the scientific community from time to time has ridiculed the fact that there is no factual basis of astrology and coined it as a mere superstition, astrology has been able to draw the interest of millions for centuries. As per the western ideology, people having Sagittarius as their sun sign reflect a number of characteristics. It is even said that the sun sign can even have influence on the physical structure of the individuals. A common belief exists among the astrologers that a sun sign can even decide the exact profession that the individual can follow in order to excel in his career.

There are number of positive traits that a person born with Sagittarius sun sign bears. A Sagi is often seen as an honest and open minded person who is quite strait forward in his behavior. Sagis are also believed to be ethical people. They are generous and have a good sense of humor. Sagis have a very generous attitude and are also known for their charitable nature. In spite, of having these positive traits the Sagittarius persons also bear some negative traits. They are sometimes very exaggerating and impatient. Sagis are also known for being quite rebellious and are often seen as restless people.

The Sagittarius is the wanderer, who loves to travel around the world searching for new avenues in life. But that does not imply that they don’t like being bound at all. They are extremely fond of their religious faiths and tend to be philosophical often. They need a lot of leg space to be comfortable and so it is wise to leave them on their own at times to avoid conflicts.

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