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2014 Horoscope Rooster

Love Prediction:

A lovers' quarrel may have escalated recently involving family members, friends or colleagues. Circumstances are unlikely to improve unless both parties are willing to calm down and discuss the issue like grown ups. Both parties are equally guilty from an outsider's point of view but personal pride could hinder such progress. Even though it is easier said than done to forgive and forget, each party must be willing to take the first step to resolve the difference. Even interference by a middleman might not necessarily overcome the situation at this stage.

Finance Prediction :

A word of warning that expenditure for this period is likely to be higher than under normal circumstances. Avoid making trips that are deemed not of significant importance other than the normal routine for work or businesses purposes. Certain dependants may require additional financial commitments from an individual. Consider the priorities of the situation and adjust financial commitments to minimize overspend. When one is preoccupied at work longer than usual, then one should reduce the opportunity of spending time on shopping or partying. Either way the choice is yours to decide and do not cry over spilt milk when faced with additional bills at a later stage.

Health Prediction :

Achieving some success through competitive sports or games is fantastic but it could be at the expense of one's health. For those active Rooster types, one should take certain precautions with diet and sleep patterns in the cause of pursuing one's dream. The challenges ahead are not always straightforward and require a lot of effort, skill, determination and positive attitude & thinking to make dreams come true. Most important of all is to maintain good physical reflexes and mental health alertness.

Luck Prediction :

A family member's affair is likely to dominate your time during this period, either due to planned or unforeseen circumstances. No matter what the circumstances, one should go with the flow and assist in whatever capacity that suits the environment. Take things easier and avoid any confrontation or acting as a mediator to diffuse any tense atmosphere. Do not have any expectation of others and, more importantly, one needs to listen to both sides of the story before coming to any conclusions.

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