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2014 horoscope Rat

Love Prediction :

A strain in the relationship originated due to spending less time with loved ones and sometimes making unreasonable demands of the partner. One might find it rather difficult to balance between career and love life. If one has reached such point, perhaps one should review the situation and discuss amicably where one has made the wrong turns. It is still not too late to remedy the damage, provided one still strongly believes there is a glimmer of hope.

Finance Prediction :

Be prepared for a challenging task ahead concerning financial status of a company or if you are managing a project that has direct financial consequences. Things are likely to become tricky unless one is ahead of the game. On a personal level, take precautions with expenditure that resulted from loved ones inappropriate spending habits. One can certainly bail him/her out some of the time but not all the time. Pause momentarily before responding promptly, for such action could only cause more damage to the recipient in the long term. One should learn and let him/her learn to stand on their own two feet.

Health Prediction :

Acknowledge that the tired physical body is not likely to endure the industrious pace of the ambitious mind. Otherwise one could be taken seriously ill, which one cannot afford. Make time to rest and relax, more importantly make some effort to having proper food and drinks. Life can be considered too short if one suddenly meets with a serious health hazard situation that can be avoided.

Luck Prediction :

Acknowledge the fact that even with your ability to analyze complex situations, one is unlikely to understand what is going on in your life. Concentrate on your current priority and clear out existing arrangements that could hold you back. You could be convinced that some of these are worth following up, which will be a great challenge. This is challenging because of the combination of dramatic changes streaming through your life. Once you have overcome it, one will feel a lot more positive about the future.

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