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2014 Horoscope Rabbit

Love Prediction :

Advisable to take a vacation for married couples who feel that their relationship is on a slide due to recent events. It is never too late to improve the atmosphere and remember not to let personal pride be the stumbling block. For younger lovers, they are going through a patchy relationship, changing their minds once too often. Slow things down for a while before it becomes out of control emotionally, and leads to regrets at a later stage.

Finance Prediction :

Be wise with any expenditure, be it for personal or business purposes. One ought to think through before committing to a new financial deal, purchase or binding contract that could cause a penalty. Do not be forced into a corner by others; in fact one should be controlling the deal. No doubt one will be traveling more frequently in the near future but beware of fraudulent schemes that could trap one. As long as one does not let greed get into one's ego, one should be safely out of harms way.

Health Prediction :

Allow the tired body an opportunity to heal properly after recent industrious efforts or hectic schedules. Otherwise, one could suffer acute chest pains due to stress affecting sleep pattern, which indirectly affects appetite. For those suffering from toothache or pains relating to the nose/throat/shoulder, do seek professional advice or medical check up sooner rather than later. Prolonged delay merely leads to other more complicated situations and loved ones could indirectly suffer with you through the stresses and inconveniencies caused.

Luck Prediction :

After much talk about changes in your work or lifestyle for sometime, one has yet to settle on any plan. Suddenly events may change your mind. Maybe one does not have a choice but to go along swiftly with the flow, the nature and extent of changes are up to the individual. Balancing the need to be true to oneself with the demands of friends, colleagues and loved ones remains a challenge. Those involving professional advice, require some frank exchanges.

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