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2014 Horoscope Pig

Love Prediction :

An immature loved one is looking up to you as an example concerning a relationship. If one had a series of mediocre relationships in the past, then the immature loved one would consider that it is an acceptable approach to a relationship. Hopefully it is not too late to avoid him/her having to experience certain bitter experiences that one has encountered previously. Married couples are getting on fine with each other's company except when a third party from the past appears unexpectedly at the front door. One should not be annoyed about the past but deal with the present maturely. Anyway no one is perfect in this life.

Finance Prediction :

Certain things are trickier than dealing with issues involving property, money or family. Parts of the problems occurred as a result of having high expectation from others, where they did not perform as industrious as you. Let them know their failure in fulfilling his/her obligations and one should not continue to carry them on your shoulders. Act tough, stop playing and do not give an inch; they will receive the message. This way, you could concentrate more on your priorities and achieve our goal with much more freedom and peace of mind.

Health Prediction :

Avoid deep fried or very spicy foods during this period especially for those suffering from liver or skin diseases. Eating such food aids the inflammation of the liver, which is the major cause of the problem compounded by some blood disorders within the individual body system. Taking antibiotics merely suppress the symptoms but not necessarily eradicates the root of the cause. Remember to drink "cooling" or nourishing herbal drinks on a frequent basis that could help to alleviate such problems. For a permanent cure, one is recommended to seek traditional herbal methods.

Luck Prediction :

Another tough and exciting event ahead, one just loves this kind of new challenge. It will keep one busy, and necessitate putting on the thinking cap. Have no fear, one must have patience and the situation will become clear in the end. One could turn the outcome to one's advantage provided one is able to differentiate business from pleasure. Business prospects continue to blossom for the Snake type who are in the business sector. Those who have managed to survive fierce competition will have certainly established a stronger foothold than before and will continue to flourish. They just need to remain humble, reliable and not get carried away with any recent achievements. For the career type, things could turn for the better provided one is willing to work and not think of taking any short cuts. Promotion could come your way sooner than expected.

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