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Ox 2014 Horoscope

Romance/Love Prediction : Bringing partner to certain company or public function could be a cause for disaster especially for those that have had several ex-partners in the past. The partner could still keep a hawkish eye over your every move and one would not be able to feel easy when mingling around or try to rub shoulders with others. One might try to gain the trust and confidence from the partner, but it could be a gigantic task that one might not be able to win.

Money/Finance Prediction : Do not be put off or feel disheartened due to recent share market performance. Do not expect one will always continue making profits and not having to incur any loss. One needs to review financial priority to avoid over-dependence on the share market. On a personal level, one is advised to take stock of personal finances and deal realistically based on needs and demands. One does not need reminding that, without a proper plan, one is likely to run down any surplus previously earned.

Fitness/Health Prediction : Being deprived of sleep over a long period of time is likely to cause an individual to lose concentration and the ability to deal with daily chores properly. Avoid such scenario as early as possible and take corrective measures to prevent major accidents from happening. Otherwise one could have a guilty conscience for the rest of one's life if loved ones are affected. Do not feel embarrassed or afraid to ask for help from appropriate parties when one is facing a difficult battle rather than trying to cope with it in silence.

Luck Prediction : Avoid spreading gossip around the workplace for it is not going to help one's career in the long term. One can choose to make a difference between right and wrong and it will be quite foolish to jeopardize one's personal career for the sake of taking vengeance on an individual when such opportunity arises. Hopefully one will be mature enough to learn from past negative experiences and avoid making similar mistakes. When one decides to improve for the better and move on in life, good things should follow and the quality of life should improve accordingly. There is no limit to what one can achieve as long as one continues to work and earn through genuine effort.

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