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2014 Horoscope Monkey

Love Prediction :

Caring for loved ones in moments of need should help to strengthen the relationship, despite having different interests in life. Such a moment can bring out the genuine love behind the false mask, due to personal pride. For those in a relationship, one is likely to encounter lover's quarrel, partly through personal pride or selfish acts. One might not realize personal selfishness until a third party points it out to you. Still not too late to make amends if one wants to keep the relationship alive.

Finance Prediction :

Do not expect huge financial rewards due to the shortcomings of the market performance. Continue to progress at the present rate and keep your head low for the time being, for this is merely a little blip. Whatever ambitious plans one has, temporarily put them in a freezer until the moment arrives to revive them. Those with spare cash, reserve it for better opportunities when the market improves. Be patient, one will certainly be winning again in the near future.

Health Prediction :

Caring and loving for loved ones are two separate activities. One could love someone wholeheartedly but not be able to sacrifice time to look after him or her properly. Sometimes a simple call, or a surprise visit to a patient could help to make a lot of difference to the patient's health condition. Spare some thoughts for loved ones whenever possible and you will be surprised the effect it can have on others.

Luck Prediction :

Be prepared for changes that come your way, and no matter how much one tries to avoid it, one should put up a brave front. It might look displeasing from the onset but given a little bit of time, one might gradually tend to like and perhaps readily accept it in the end. Life is sometimes filled with strange encounters compounded by human's inability to accept new concepts, which would normally arouse a suspicious mind. On the other hand, if one develops an open mind and readily accepts certain concepts, one could discover newfound horizons. No one can tell what is best or ideal in such circumstances. It is going to be an open-ended answer or question.

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