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Virgo Love Horoscope 2014

Gentle Virgonians lock to partners to give them the security they need. They'll spend a long time - perhaps too long looking for the perfect partner and their tastes are fairly fastidious. Peace and quiet are what this zodiacal sign needs in relationships.

Emotional drama and upheaval will do them in very quickly. As a result, sometimes they can be accused of not facing the difficult issues on the home front. Very considered other people themselves, they expect discretion and reassurance from people who are close to then, But that outward calm covers a heart that worries and frets continually.

Give yourself a chance, Virgo, if you whip up anxiety, you'll get to see a pretty muddy picture at times. You need the steadiness of a relationship and one that you can trust. But you can only have that if you think a little less cynically and a bit more clearly about other people and their motives.

Learn to dampen down your worries. They only occur because you are afraid to open your heart to your loved ones. While enormous passion isn't your thing, gentleness and devotion are. Show them to your near ones and you nay be surprised by the results.

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