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Sagittarius Love Horoscope

The Centaurs like their relationships to be light and easygoing. Early on in life they are likely to tilt at a few romantic windmills, curious and intrigued to see what love has to offer, but not enough to get entangled in its snares for too long. They look for who will stimulate their ever- interested minds and don't take to mundane reality too kindly. What they can offer is sparkle and wit to enliven a dull day.

But, nothing lasts for ever, and even the globetrotting Sagittarians among us realise that partnerships only last if they are cultivated. Then they're likely to stop charging about and view potential partners - and themselves - with a wiser eye.

What they'll look for is someone who has a sense of fun and organisation, a partner who can combine the outdoor life with the one behind doors. Don't put the whole of this burden on your partnern though Sagittarius: you also need to take on some of the responsibilities for the indoor chores, even if they're time-consuming and boring.

Partners will appreciate it if you can calm down and pay attention to what they need, too. Then everyone gets fair shares in the partnership stakes.

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