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Pisces Love Horoscope 2015

Pisceans can be all things to all people in close partnerships. It sometimes makes them moody and difficult when things inevitably go wrong - as they will, occasionally, Pisces.

The Fish like a quiet life with partners, but sometimes it gets too quiet. Then boredom sets in and the Fish sometimes finds it difficult to take the initiative and inject a little life into their partnership routines.

They'll go for endless tolerance rather than blame or accusation and they don't find it easy to say exactly what is wrong with them. Speaking out about feelings can often help a situation, even when you fear the worst; avoiding difficulties just makes for more problems.

Watch that tendency to change your position on anything that you think will achieve a quiet life. In the long run, you and your close partners would feel happier if you bit the bullet at times, rather than letting things drift. If you do, you won't find yourself at sea.

The benefit will be a calm mind in a warm, understanding partnership. That's what you're looking for most. If your relationship needs some excitement, suggest some possibilities to those nearest to you.

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