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Libra Love Horoscope 2015

The Scales are known for keeping things sweet in close relationships. They want to please and enjoy being popular. But this sometimes has a downside. Dealt with this way, relationships can be a little superficial and underlying difficulties may not be addressed. This can lead Librans into a number of unsuitable relationships before they settle down and value people for their depths as well as for what they present on the surface.

Going for depth in close partnerships can help the Scales to come to terms with their emotional confusion and hurt. It's important because, basically, Librans need to know what they value in people. Logic and a fine mind is all very well, but they don't solve all of life's difficulties. Emotional closeness can spread the balm of beauty and peace over some of those self-inflicted wounds.

Librans will not knowingly hurt partners and will be mortified to learn that their analytical minds sometimes cut to the quick. You'll value patience and support from your partner, Libra, but you also need to know that you have to give them, too. Your fine mind should help you to see the justice of that.

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