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Leo Love Horoscope 2015

Leos in love look for a long-lasting partnership. Stability and adoration are all important for the kings and queens of the animal world. They expect partners to revolve around their needs once they have given their trust along with their hearts. Flirtatious, butterfly types definitely do not appeal. But once they've made the commitment, the Lions will shower love and affection an their loved ones.
Expect a growl or a sniff or two if they, feel unloved or upstaged. On the whole, Leos are not ones to hide their feelings and they'll let you know very quickly if they feel neglected or sad.

In an ideal relationship the Lions expect recognition and continual praise in the kingdoms of their homes. But, hold on, Leo, nobody can dispense unceasing adoration all of the time. Lesser mortals deserve your respect and tolerance, even if they are imperfect. A continual roar and demand for attention could sometimes reduce partners to Jelly - and that produces a very unequal relationship.

Leos grow in partnerships where their magnificent feelings and warm heartedness are appreciated. Hold on to your heart as well as your feelings sometimes, Leo, then your close relationships will thrive.

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