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Capricorn Love Horoscope 2015

Capricorns are dependable and generally prudent in partnerships. They'll expect recognition for their hard work and expect help in their endeavours. They are steadfast and reliable, though a little reserved in showing their affections easily.

The Goats, in the their younger years, often wish they could open up a little and play the giddy kid sometimes, but their fears diminish as they grow older; then their emotions soften and they can grow more openly loving.

Capricorns are great believers in tradition and will respect a partner's need to keep up with their own special rituals and celebrations. They'll look for partners who are as steady as themselves and Just as devoted to a comfortable home and a regular income. Sometimes, they can err on the serious side a little and this can take the fun and zap out of any relationship after long years of comfortable togetherness.

So, once in a while, Capricorn, let your hair down and play. Set up a surprise dinner for your partner. Consider what your partner might yearn for rather than what you think is sensible and value for money. You might even get to like the effect it has on you.

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