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Aquarius Love Horoscope 2015

Aquarians are sometimes accused of being a little aloof in their approach to relationships. They don't show their true feelings at first and may come across as impersonal at times.

That's fine if you've a partner who appreciates some coolness in relationships. It's not so good if you've chosen someone who's a little headier. The Waterbearers look for partners who can share their sense of values and high ideals. It also helps if partners aren't too domesticated. Don't make yourself a domestic doormat for the Aquarian.

It's unlikely it'll be seen, let alone appreciated. Perhaps, Waterbearer, an acknowledgement of some of the more mundane matters would stand you in good stead. After all, It's not that you're totally impractical - just that you'd rather not do it. You'll need to develop some skills, though. It'll humanise you a little and bring harmony into relationships.

Though you're tolerant and humane with others, watch being too detached from ordinary human needs and your capacity to switch off emotionally. That can sometimes lead to difficulties with real intimacy. What you do need on occasions is solitude. Enjoy it - in moderation.

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