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2014 Horoscope Libra

Libra is one of the 12 sun signs that comprise the zodiac. Persons born between September 24 and October 23 are considered to be of Libra sun sign in the zodiac. Some of the common traits associated with the Librans include they being urbane, sociable, idealist and diplomatic. Prefer to be away from controversies and arguments, a Libran is easygoing and influences others easily. On the other hand, a Libra is considered gullible and gets swayed by emotions. Another trait usually seen with the Librans is their flirtatious nature.

A Libra is considered to possess critical faculty who can look at all sides of the issue and take a fair, unbiased decision. Mostly balanced and diplomatic, they listen to the other points of view and try to reach a fair conclusion while trying to secure the approval of one and all in most of the cases. Also, they are highly sensitive to the need of others and are very social persons. Averse to a conflict, a Libra tries to avoid arguments and is loathe to cruelty, injustice and vulgarity.

Librans are considered to be quite energetic and some of them turn out to be highly ambitious. Their dislike for extremes makes them good diplomats yet they fair poorly in any form of politics, real or professional. Good in handling other’s money matters, civil service, banking, finance, administration are some of the careers where a Libran is expected to be more successful. Many of the Librans have proved to be good speculators in financial matters on account of their confidence and optimism to recover from financial lows. A caring individual, Librans are trustworthy as marriage partners and show considerable degree of understanding towards the spouse that help in making their marriages a ‘success.’

On a personal level, a true Libra shows a fair amount of understanding to others perspective. She tries to resolve differences by discussion and prefers to reach a compromise rather than make an issue of them. However, sudden bouts of rage are visible in Librans, depending upon certain extraordinary situations. Most of the Librans have a love for all the good things and comforts of life that could see them indulging in extravagant show of wealth, gambling and over enthusiasm for espousal of causes close to their heart.

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