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2014 horoscope Gemini

The third sun sign of the zodiac is none other than Gemini, symbolized by the Twins. A Gemini is surely the most talkative of the lot and they simply love to jabber all the time, but there are no-nonsense talkers. What lies behind the conversation of a Gemini is his/her mind. Intellectual and always eager to be informed are the qualities of Gemini. A Gemini person will never be satisfied by collecting insufficient information. For such a person more is always merrier. The next part of sharing the gathered information with close people is great fun too.

As Geminis are perfect combinations of the yang and the yin, they are well represented by the Twins. This sort of person can evaluate any issue wonderfully and easily examine both sides of it, thus proving his practical quality. However no one can ascertain which Twin will surface most of the time. He himself may know realize this fact and others can mistake the Gemini to be restless or fickle-minded. Geminis are fairly quick-witted, bright and their company is bound to be enjoyable. However beware of their whimsical moods. This ability to change their moods at one go, makes them positive. They are adaptable, flexible, dexterous and can handle many things all together.

The Gemini man is supremely irresistible and attractive and he is aware of it too. He will soon lose his interest in anyone, he has been able to mesmerize with his charm. So the best way to grab his attention is to behave like him - simply ignore him. The Gemini man is fond of traveling and moving throughout the world. A fast-thinker and an artistic person – that’s the Gemini man.

The Gemini woman is a modern intelligent woman, who challenges all traditions and conventions. She can never get boring and loves to amuse and entertain others. She needs change all the time to be happy. She proves to be a great mother but runs short of patience, when annoyed.

The Gemini people are born between May 23 and June 21.

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