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2014 Horoscope Dragon

Love Prediction :

Emotionally the Male type is not very alert during this period and is likely to cause some strain in the relationship. Unless the partner is understanding and supporting, one is likely to feel insecure. One could try doing something different for a change merely to break the monotonous routine. Starting a family is a long-term commitment and ideally it requires agreement with both parties. If the couple is determined to start a family ultimately, then some sacrifices have to be made. In general, one cannot have it both ways.

Finance Prediction :

Facing a new challenge is going to be the next mission one will be focusing on. Things are likely to kick off pretty fast and one might not have sufficient time to rest or pause. No matter how complicated things might seem from the onset, just remember that things will get better the following day. The reward at the end will be worth the while for having to work longer hours or sacrificing some of your leisure time. But try not to make it too often, otherwise it could develop into a habit and one could become enslaved to the God Mammon.

Health Prediction :

Constant worries over loved one's poor state of health is not going to help an individual either. One should have come up with certain plans to alleviate both parties' concerns and hopefully be able to combat the situation with success. There is no point in trying to protect each other's interests merely through discussion but not implementing it. Take the bull by the horns and deal with the situation for it is also a learning experience for both parties. Do not develop negative doubts at this stage for both parties need encouragement and emotional support to overcome it.

Luck Prediction :

Before saying or doing things that concerns colleagues, friends, family members, think twice again. The consequence could have a ripple effect on those that are directly in the chain of command and not every individual will be able to counter such effect. Broadly speaking, it is not going to be an easy task in trying to accommodate individual's acceptability but one can at least try to minimize the effects. Life can be tough or cruel under such circumstances, no matter which way one interprets. Hopefully one will be able to orchestrate the situation and every one will be feeling happy or not feeling wanted.

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