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2014 Horoscope Dog

Love Prediction :

Falling in love for the first time is a great experience for most people. But when the novelty gradually fades away into the background, one could come to his/her senses and see the real world, which is not rose tinted all the time. One can only treasure those wonderful memories, which will live forever till the last breath. For married couples, spend more time "talking to each other", for one has not been doing so for quite sometime. One can feel the strain in the relationship, but it is never too late to stop it becoming worse. At the end of the day, it will be your lifetime partner who is likely to stick with you to the end of the road.

Finance Prediction :

Financial reward either from business or career performance is related to industrious effort and planning. No doubt one would welcome an increase in income during this period, however one is also likely to incur more expenses than the norm, like modernization of equipment or improvements to living or working environment. Investing in improvement to business facilities is important for continuous growth or performance, and also an indicator of confidence. If one is not careful, one can overspend easily.

Health Prediction :

Constant worrying over deteriorating health conditions when one is feeling uncomfortable due to minor illness is not going to help emotionally over the long term. Stop worrying and learn to enjoy life more for there are many who are in worse situations than you. Reading medical journals will not necessarily help an individual if one does not try to practice in real life. There is a significant difference between having knowledge and putting in practice. Be bold and take up the courage to face the real society, for life can be relatively short merely worrying about things that one could change it for the better.

Luck Prediction :

Do not be put off or disturbed by other's remarks that what you achieved recently is merely due to pure luck. When in fact it is the consequence of a combined industrious past effort and sheer determination to see the project through despite many regarded as unrealistic. Obviously there is some jealously among the group that hates to see you succeed. You do not have to prove anyone wrong as long as you know what is workable and did your background homework. Continue to listen politely and follow your instincts that at times work much better than you imagine.

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