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Ever wondered why your Capricorn partner is always too poised and composed, maintaining a serious demeanor? Blame it on his sun sign. Symbolically represented by the climbing goat, a typical Capricorn is one of the strongest and most determined of all the Zodiac signs. Both men and women belonging to this star sign have qualities like being practical, responsible, serious, reserved, shrewd, practical, strong willed almost like an unbending and static rock. For all these qualities, they make the bets of managers and most importantly inspiring leaders. Setting high standards for their subordinates, they accomplish anything they undertake with perfection and without any flaw. When it comes to work, just any nature of it expect the Capricorn worker has one of the most methodical and logical approach to it.

In the course of the work, the typical Capricorn will remain ever unyielding and his perseverance cannot be challenged by nay deterrent. Owing to there unbending nature, and focus on an aspiring career, it is best to hire a Capricorn, if you are on the way towards completing an important project.

Being the tenth sign the Capricorn is one of the hard working people and they have an urge to get to the top at all costs. They have the determination to get their way out of all problems and so it is not a difficult task for them at all. They are very practical and take their steps with extreme caution and after a deep thought. They are very active and are not afraid of doing that extra bit of work. The goat is the symbol of Capricorns, which stands for loyalty.

It has been seen through experience that as a rule, any Capricorn is respectful towards his authority, without questioning them at most of the circumstances. For the Capricorn, there is a lot of value attached to tradition; as a result they are often thought to be conservative and stoic. But if they find logic, they are ready to intake any change. As a spouse, the Capricorn husband or wife is always faithful although the touch of passion and affection is at times missing. They make few good friends but are intensely loyal to those they do make, and they can become bitter and powerful enemies. Saturn being their ruling planet, the Capricorn is often seen to have an inclination towards the mystics and occult. Being deep and profound thinkers, their intellects are sometimes very subtle.

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