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2014 Horoscope Aquarius

The sun sign Aquarius is associated to water. People who are born under this sign can be categorized in to two sections. One who are shy, humble, gentle, soft spoken and patient and the rest are lively, exuberant and witty. They become instantly popular for their strong determination and will power. If you know an Aquarius, be sure that he will be you through thick and thin. The Aquarius doesn’t get easily involved into relationships but once they enter into one, they can be the best confidante. They are well known for their devotion and dedication. Honest and outspoken you can be rest assured that if you commit a mistake the person will make you see it and persuade you to admit your flaw till you agree.

They are the eleventh sign in the list of sun signs and are extremely conscientious socially and this is what takes them through to the new age. They have a vision and they can progress long with that. The water bearer is the symbol of the Aquarians and they bring forward life to the people they are with. Original and detached, they are gifted with rare qualities. They are very giving in nature but they give on their own condition and can be quite inflexible at times.

The Aquarius often has an artistic bent of mind. They like to indulge in performing arts and literature. They have their own sets of ideas and principles which they don't like to compromise with. Their imaginations run wild which sometimes make them appear serious or unmindful. This is the phase when they tend to be aloof even from their friends. This is the time when they you should deal with him patience providing him enough space to be himself. They might be rude or resentful during when in a bad mood but you have to know that they don't mean what they say. The Aquarius is arisen when they develop hatred for someone. They might go to the extreme to take revenge.

Aquarius precisely goes around with a sign that says 'Handle with Care' as they can be equally a cranky as they are generally warm hearted and kind. Though unpredictable at times you can always rely on their honesty and loyalty.

Aquarius match very well with Librans and they are considered to be the perfect match. Both go together like a house on fire. So, Librans find your perfect match with immediate affect!

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