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Tarot 2014

Magician 1:
Your soul craves comfort food this month. From soothing hot baths to time with your most nurturing friends, you just want to be taken care of, even if it means turning off the hyperdrive and just idling. Watching a Magician slow down and smell the incense can be as rare as spotting a gecko in your bath, so don't be surprised if concerned friends wonder incessantly whether you are depressed or on drugs. Just tell them you are test-driving nirvana

High Priestess 2:
Clash, clang, clink, that's the sound of your sword striking against the metal of those who would wield authority over you. Bullies, barons and big-mouths all want a pound of your flesh, but wait, what's that? The sound of voraciously vocal supporters rallying to your rescue, of course. Don't fight alone, because the lesson in all your conflicts this month is that you have low friends in high places, and that opinion polls will back you every time.

Empress 3:
You've never been one to talk high philosophy. You just live it. But this month surrounds you with papal-minded people who seem to have an exhaustive list of edicts, ex-cathedras and rules for you to follow. As usual, everyone else's formula is like antimatter to your more flowing, intuitive and non-structured approach. At the risk of blowing up, your best recourse is to nod politely, take any advice that strikes your heart as true, and steer your own erratic cosmic course from there.

Emperor 4:
A king's love is worth a kingdom, and this month finds you the target of much wooing. Offers and contracts, propositions and proposals come your Highness's way by the dozen. The key is to tap into your inner knowing about which to accept and reject. Advice from your court just won't hit the mark as you are forced to listen to the counsel of your own heart for a change. Thump twice for yes, once for no?

Hierophant 5:
Victory is sweet, and sweeter still after the last few months of self-doubt. This month you manage to tackle the biggest of challenges with aplomb, and find that success seems second nature. Don't be deceived however, this is not a sign to play the market, lottery or slots. The winnings that come your way are in fact the reaping of seeds you have already sown, some from as far back as seven months ago. It's harvest time, and you are the happy reaper.

Lovers 6:
Passion and fire and desire burn holes through your aura this month, as you light up like a firecracker and accomplish more than you dreamed possible. With a cosmic eraser, you eliminate the shoulds from your life and take a stand where you need to. It's rare to see the ever-waffling, fence-sitting Lovers soul so ardent and sure, but this is the one time you manage to get with the Just Do It program. As with any tipping of the balance, be careful not to Just Over Do It.

Chariot 7:
It's not that you seek out wise men and women this month, it's that they can't help but notice a frazzled warrior in need of guidance. Advice and counsel come from all corners, not all of it trustworthy. The real lesson here is to realize that the highest insight might come from the person that stares back at you in the mirror every morning. And don't ask which one.

Strength 8:
Karmic turns and cosmic twists of fate rule the day. You barely step out your door without encountering soul mates, old souls and soul lessons. This can be taxing to say the least, especially given that you feel you'd rather crawl under the covers than face your destiny. Tip: remind yourself that you signed up for the accelerated meaning of life program at incarnation time, and stop complaining.

Hermit 9:
Every Hermit loves good accounting, and this month the universal book keeper asks you to account for your sins. This may be payback time, but it can also be an occasion to reap unexpected windfalls and awards, as kindly past deeds yield dividends. No matter how you look at it, whatever happens now is somehow all your doing. It's your karmic balance sheet, no creative deductions or loopholes allowed.

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