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Numerology Number 9

Last year, you and others became aware of your strengths. Your past reached its peak. However, as 2014 begins, there is uncertainty in the air, as if the future is trying to determine where you fit into it. You are now dealing with the reality of your whole lifetime and this year's circumstances represent one experience only - that of releasing yourself from the past where many lose ends were left untied. 2014 will be spent going back over old ground and completing whatever unfinished business you happen to find there. You cannot just leave your unsolved and unhealed problems behind. They will find you again, even if they have to change their form to do so.

The 9 Year Cycle is one of endings and deep emotional awareness in which you will be unable to move forward until the past has been acknowledged and cleaned up. In 2014, you will need to recognize old emotions that are still trapped inside you. In fact, you yourself may feel a little trapped this month; stopped in your tracks at a time when you believe you should be pushing forward. The problem is that, right now, you are not sure which way forward is. Therefore, you need to stop pushing blindly ahead and look into your own history so that you can understand where your past actions and decisions have led. You want to show how independent you are, but you are clearly still dependent on many different factors. You want to be yourself, but you are no longer sure of who you are. Part of you wants to hold on, while another part wants you to let go. Your emotions are moving rapidly, making you feel torn between the various possibilities.

You know something has to end but you're afraid of what the outcome may be. You want someone to tell you what to do, but the truth is, darling, only YOU hold the answer. You now stand alone to face your own reality and make your own decisions. You are now living in both the letting go cycle of your past, and the learning the ropes cycle of your future. You have no idea what to expect from the people involved in either cycle and they, too, do not know what to expect from you. Try to be as gracious as possible, and don't blame yourself or others for this month's inevitable changes and delays. You have so much to learn before you can break any new ground. Don't worry. The purpose of all this is to help you heal, grow, and prosper. Try to be patient with yourself - and others - as you GO BACK to claim your future.

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