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Numerology Number 7

Life is asking you to end something from your past which no longer serves a constructive purpose. But don't jump to conclusions about this. It could be that what needs to end is your reaction to something or someone else. Old memories, along with the feelings that were buried with them, must now be allowed to resurface and flow without further denial. The suppression of those feelings is the very thing that has been holding you back. Notice how your present circumstances are connected to all the things you ever did, all the places you ever went, and everything you ever experienced.

Each event automatically led to another, and then another, until you came full-circle and finally reached this place called NOW. But it is impossible to be fully in the present when half of you is stuck somewhere in the past., and you will never be able to look forward if your emotions are always dragging you back to a place that you long ago outgrew. Release those buried feelings by experiencing them fully and expressing them out of your body. Yes, there may be some episodes of deja vu, but you will arrive at where you are supposed to be; in the here and now, which is the only position from which you can move forward. Yes, 2014 is an emotional and healing year in which you will need to let someone else know where he or she stands.

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