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Numerology Number 5

How many opportunities have you lost over the years, because you rushed to grab them without adequate planning and preparation? Don't repeat those old mistakes of playing it safe and losing the opportunity, or of rushing headlong into unknown territory without a map or workable plan. In your quest for personal freedom there is an exciting journey ahead of you, but you will never reach the destination of your choice if you do not know where you are. Metaphorically speaking, you are on the shore, making vital preparations for a long and exciting voyage which begins in March.

Delays will be experienced if you try to have your cake and eat it too. You need a fresh approach - and a decisive attitude as to what you really want. Some quiet time alone will produce fascinating new ideas. This year's "strange" vibrations let you observe and analyze what you already have so that you can see its greater potential. A mysterious and unfinished segment of your past may arise so that you can finally remove an emotional weight that you've been carrying for much too long. You will be presenting yourself and/or your ideas in March. Use year 2014 to make yourself and your ideas presentable. That final touch of perfection will make all the difference. You are now in a cycle in which you can, quite literally, get your act together.

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