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Numerology Number 4

This is a cycle of self-expression, communication, and creativity. Take a complete break from the monotony, routine, and pressure. If you cannot take a vacation, take some short breaks, interact with friends, and/or enjoy nature and the arts. Say goodbye to a habit, attitude or belief that is damaging your wellbeing. The circumstances of this month will make you aware of what is making you unhappy and what will restore happiness to your life. Stretch your imagination as you figure out a new approach to an ongoing problem or, perhaps you are thinking about an entirely new way of life. If you repress your feelings any longer, you could actually harm your physical body in some way.

Find a tactful way to SAY what needs to be said. Loosen and lighten up, and watch those obstacles, blockages and delays lose their power over you. Friendliness - not oneupmanship - is needed now. If you are concerned about your appearance, now is the time to make improvements - and rearrange your circumstances so that you can take a break from it all, treat yourself to something nice, and truly relax. This year has forced you to look at life from a different perspective so that you can find out who you really are and what you really want; to know the importance of being around people of like mind, and of peaceful coexistence with those who do not share your interests, ideals, and visions. In 2014, you may find that you and certain others have more in common than you thought. The question is, how can you change things so that you can live more freely?

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