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Numerology Number 3

This year, horizons broaden, love blossoms, ideas and babies are conceived, new life is formed, and possibilities abound. There is likely to be a 'pregnant' feeling; an aura of expectancy. And, yet, Year 2014 promises only one thing: the unexpected. Whatever occurs now will trigger your desire to live more fully. At least you'll be on the move again after last year's hurry-up-and-wait pace. With a more lively attitude than you've experienced in a long time, you will be able to recognize and appreciate a certain form of love or beauty that has entered your life. Unexpected changes may shock you initially, but they will also liberate you in a variety of ways.

Remember that it was you who wanted change in the first place. Well, here it is! The way you express yourself will affect you - and others - throughout the year. Stay alert and focused or you could say or do something inappropriate, or even become accident prone. A mistake you have been making most of your life and which has always created trouble for you may be emphasized now. When you have learned from this mistake and when you stop repeating it, it will cease to be a mistake. It will be experience. Oh, and I'm serious about those pregnancy vibes! Maybe it's a 'brain-child' you'll be conceiving, but do be warned: the conditions of this cycle are perfect for creating new life!

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